High Point University's All-Male A Cappella Group


Graham Owen



He's got it all: the smile, the voice... the hair. Completely natural and unstyled, this cool cat brings the "Aye!" to A Cappella. 

Rowan Grieb

Music Director


He is all about the music and is not afraid to speak his mind to make sure we are the best we can be. The hardest worker we ha

Norm MacDonald

Marketing Manager


The looks, the wit, the voice. What more could you ask for? He brings the energy and the excitement to every performance and knows how to keep the group on their feet.

Dylan Houseworth 

Vice President


Whether it be onstage or just hanging out, Dylan always finds a way to be the life of the party. This guy is an all-around GREAT time.

James Austin "Stone Cold" Porzenski

Assistant Music Director


He's not quite a professional wrestler, but he is one of the greatest guys we know. He is enthusiastic, caring and all-around just a good person. 

Luke Olivier


This guy inspires us with his hippie ways and knows how to rock a bandanna. His creativeness and interesting personality allows him to compose the great arrangements we enjoy performing. 

Jordan "Teddy" Dallam


The man formally known as "Caramel Chaos" and our own energy-filled secret weapon, Teddy is fast, fun, and manages to sneak a joke in whenever he can.

Alec Yarmartino


The comedian of the group Mr. Alec Yarmartino. His outgoing personality and hilarious humor keeps the group laughing all the time even when we are suppose to be serious.

Nick Esposito

He may be quiet but when he speaks oh boy are you going to laugh. A member who adds a little something to the group.